Our story.

First and foremost:

We are a team of professionals who love books.

Since our childhood years, we surrounded ourselves with books.

We grew up reading books. We grew up pilling book upon book.
We grew up spending all our pocket money to books
and more books.

Now, having grown somewhat older,
we channel our love for books into an enterprise with the sole mission to
offer to every book lover, bookworm, literary lover, bibliophile, reader, writer and author
what they desire most: interesting books of quality!

Tree with golden flowers (part 1)
Second but still prominent:

We are a company that will help you publish your books.

Do you have a manuscript and can’t get past the gate of traditional publishers’ criticism?
Do you have a draft that needs polishing and editing but don’t know how?
Do you have a beautiful idea but don’t know what to do with it?

We are here to help you!

In particular, we are here to help you by offering
professional guidance, friendly attitude, hefty royalties and
no hidden costs.

We value your time, effort and money
as we value every page of every book
we read, edit, curate, publish, or review.

Tree with golden flowers (part 2)
Third and not less paramount:

We search for and propose interesting books and bookish gifts.

The joy of giving a well-received present can be matched only by
the joy of reading a well-written book.

Here you can find wonderful and charming ideas for gifts –
gifts that every book-loving person can appreciate and enjoy.

Tree with golden flowers (part 3)
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